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Model No. PL0S003000100

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Sales price: $55.00

The ADC-DAC board is designed to provide Analog (In and Out) interface to the developmentboards having SantaCruz expansion headers or DE1/DE2 expansion headers. The board is designed with the intent to give a ready made solution for Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog conversion. The ADC-DAC board snaps on to the expansion headers on the base development board and gives 8-channel 8-bit analog input interface (Analog-to-Digital converter) and 1-channel 8-bit analog output interface (Digital-to-Analog converter).

The SLS ADC-DAC software provided along with the board gives user friendly GUI for Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog conversion of the data sensed by the transducer. It provides linear and complex configuration for voltage resolution and mapping values of entity, based on which it generates different graphs for both ADC and DAC conversion.

The ADC-DAC Snap On board is designed to snap on Altera Standard SantaCruz header. If you have a DE1 or a DE2 board you can use E-Gasket, a SantaCruz to DE1/2 header converter.

 Block Diagram:


Software Features:

  • One A/D converter chip (ADC0808)
  • One D/A converter chip (DAC0800)
  • On-board prototype area
  • Very low power consumption and small form factor

 Board Features:

  • ADC
    • Maximum 400,000 samples can be captured
    • Selection of voltage resolution
    • State mapping values and increment factor for the entity in the Linear Configuration
    • User can specify mapping entity values according to resolution in complex configuration
    • Includes Volt->Entity, Time->Entity and Time->Volt graphs for ADC analysis
  • DAC
    • State maximum no. of inputs 4,00,000 for Analog conversion
    • Specify starting input value as well as increment factor in Linear configuration
    • Give manual input values in Complex configuration
    • Includes Volt->Time graph for DAC analysis


  • ADC-DAC Snap On Board
  • CD ROM
    • Reference designs for UP3, DE1 and DE2 Board
    • Tutorials
    • Board Reference Manual
    • Board Demonstration




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