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  • How do I obtain the license for evaluation package/full production package?

    Evaluation licenses for SLS IP Cores can be requested by visiting and following the instructions provided on that page. The full production package license is provided via email after purchasing the core.
  • Is the Evaluation version IP downloading a renewable?

    Yes, it is renewable. We provide one (1) month evaluation version of the Core without any charges. You need to justify your requirement.
  • Is it possible to change Quartus II version for IP Core after purchasing the license?

    Yes, you can change the Quartus II version after purchasing the licensse. The support for new Quartus II version will be on changeable basis.
  • What is the License agreement for IP Core usage after purchase of the full version?

    Please refer to the Licensing.pdf.
  • Are there any royalties on IP Core?

    Our IP cores have no royalties on the output POF or SOF files. They can be used for the life of the product.
  • Is the license for single project or design?

    Yes it is for single project or design.
  • What does single project or design mean?

    The use of the IP core is limited to a single (one) design that is identified as by a project name.
  • What is Single Node in Licensing term?

    Single Node means single PC whose NIC ID is used for generating the license. Only this PC will have access to compile the IP Core.
  • What is considered a single design?

    • A single printed circuit board that may be programmed using a programming file containing the IP core.
    • More than one printed circuit board, so long as all such boards are programmed using only one programming file containing the IP core.
  • What if there are minor bug fixes or updates to the design?

    • Bug fixes or updates to the printed circuit board (s) that do not substantially change or expand functions of the print circuit board (s), are fine. No additional agreement or fees are required.
    • Any major change or expansion is considered a new design and requires execution of a new license agreement and payment of fees.
  • How do I obtain and set up the IP Core license? I am using Altera tools installed on windows platform?

    • Visit the License web page for instructions to request the license and you will receive an email from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
    • To set up the license, follow the instructions provided in the email.
  • How do I install the IP Core package and license when I am using Altera tools installed on Linux platform?

    The .exe files available on our website are for Windows platform. For using them on Linux, you will have to install them on a windows machine first and then manually set the path in the Linux machine for various IP Core folders after observing the windows installation.
  • I created a project using the SLS IP Core, but on compilation or analysis and synthesis, I see the error 'Can't open encrypted VHDL or Verilog HDL File'. How can i remove this error?

    This error can arise if the license file is missing or incorrect. Please go to Tools menu and select License set up and give the path for the IP license file in the License file box. See the figure below:

    If you have provided the path for Quartus license then insert a semicolon (;) between two license file paths. See the figure below:

  • Do you provide RTL of the core?

    Yes, we do provide the RTL of the core under separate pricing. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for pricing details.
  • How do I transfer the full version license from one machine to another having separate NIC IDs?

    The full version license provided can be transferred from one machine to another by paying the full license fee. The transferred license will have the same date of expiry as the original license.

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