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What is USB?

The Universal Serial Bus alias USB is an industry-standard which is used to establish specs for connectors and cables. It plays a crucial role in creating protocols that can be used to define the power supply interfaces, communication and seamless connectivity between computers and other peripherals. The first-ever standard was launched in the late 1990s. Since then, the standard has been well maintained by the USB Implementers Forum.


Working in the FPGA sector, you’re always going to need the best software and hardware to help you to get going. One of the most convenient products available in the market is USB. USB or Universal Serial Bus based products such as flash drives are in high demand because of their ease of transferability. They’re lightweight, portable and can fit into almost any system around the world with ease.


In the world of electronics, both FPGA and ASIC hold a prominent place. Throughout the decades, both technologies have evolved and added new features that are paving the way for innovation and making products more agile and scalable.

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